November 16, 2005 at 6:34 pm 2 comments

 oooooooh dear.

haha. econ midterm 2 did not go very well. -_-. mostly because there was too much essay writing rather than graphing. it wasn’t too hard.. just not enough time!! hmph. *big curve big curve*!! and i thought i would do wally proud with all my macro knowledge. hahaha


anyyyway. right now i am catching up on.. last wednesday’s astronomy webcast. OOH!! last week i was watching a webcast (here’s the course webcast site.. if you are bored and want to see how wacky our astro teacher is–the class is actually very interesting :D). AND HE SAID THE AWESOMEST THING THE OTHER DAY!!

watch that (Wed. 11/02, between 49:05-49:25)


YES!! you did hear correctly! he said, “Some stars are flung out; some prisoners escape.. like in the Prisoner of Azkaban.. or something”


HAHA!! a harry potter reference!  i literally laughed out loud when i was watching this in my room. haha. oh yes–so today around lunch, steph and i bought our HARRY POTTER 4 GOBLET OF FIRE MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS!!!!




uhm.. i just realized that starting tonight…. wed.. thurs fri night.. i have activities to attend way past midnight. hehh:

tonight.. 12:45am – watch the Leonid Meteor Shower on campus and write a lab/observation on it. should be fun cuz clive and i are gonna bring food and sit on the grass HAHAHA aww like the Davis nighttime picnic! ❤ thanks again you guys

thurs: dance showcase til 10, then gotta line up with steph and kenny for 11:59 pm MIDNIGHT SHOW!! muahahaha im so psyched

fri: ABA semester banquet!!!!! I AM SUPER PSYCHED FOR THIS BECAUSE IT’S OUR LAST SOCIAL COMM EVENT!! “Bella Notte” theme and we’re gonna get all decked out and cool and stuff. yeah so that goes from 7-12.. and maybe more partying after i dunno.


then.. we gotta drag our butts up early saturday to get home.. and then go to the big game. hohohohoho. which should be mucho mucho fun-o (i’m talking like janet now. hahaha!!) gosh i wont be sleeping much for the rest of this week. boo. ohwell. i was very hermit-y all this weekend studying for econ, and now that’s over, so fun > sleep. (did you notice that i havent been on aim since forever?? YEAYUH that’s self-control for ya.  hahaa. but then i ended up catching up a bit on one tree hill episodes that richard from davis sent me. haha -_-)


ok.. i have a taiwanese midterm in 1.5 hours. then after that, life’s a party 😀


our wonderfully random committee. (i like how the word ‘committee’ has 2 of each letter.. almost. :D)


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  • 1. XxPiNkChIcKxX  |  November 16, 2005 at 9:01 pm

    thats a hot profile picture. haha

  • 2. chocobeano  |  November 18, 2005 at 5:10 am

    gogogo, my xanga! wall street journal article on loveboat! =)


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