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cal bears at Da Vinci Code opening day

more of us at X3 midnight showing!

janet came home for memorial weekend!!! aww this is before i effed up my long hair. *le sigh. now i have short choppy weirdo hair.

she’s a freaking longboarder now!! woww. like an asian bart simpson 🙂 i tried to ride on it but i ended up just standing on it, wobbling, and managing only to shift along inch by inch -____-”’

got to visit my cutest baby cousin Brandon! yes, the one who got a personal shout out at the Haas Graduation! haha

(actually.. what do you call your cousin’s baby? still “cousin”?)

aww he fell. but he’s so active he just bounced right back up

andd… zoomed around!! hahaha OH the cutest thing he does is when he eats baby rice crackers, he holds each piece with his pinky in the air and his forefingers pinched, so it looks like he is drinking high tea. and THEN he dips each cracker into an empty bowl, as if there were salsa or dip inside, and then eats it. so the sequence is:

1. pick up cracker
2. stick pinky in the air
3. dip cracker into the empty bowl, repeat twice
4. then put to mouth
5. finally chew and eat

hahaha maybe he watched us eat chips and dip or something… sooo cute!!

oh and he also likes to put round objects into containers. we’ll put all these balls and lemons onto the carpet, and he’ll pick up each one and put them into tupperware boxes.  every time we mess them up he puts them all back. he’s gonna be a neat freak, i can tell haha

memorial weekend my family went up to Davis for my bro’s AYSO World Cup (they were Team Belize.. which is.. i know this… in Central America!)

i thought my dad looked so cute sitting like this!! like a duck.. or a penguin.. haha i dont know why–maybe his hand positions

hotel mirror. my bro is freaking tall. hmph. must not be blood-related. i mean look at the heights of the rest of us!! hahha

myyy work 🙂

bro’s… work… hahah i believe it says “YO”

strawberry picking up in Brentwood! yummm but picking them is really hard on the back 😦 poor strawberry farmers


then cherry picking! haha i felt like more of an Aggie than i ever did at UCDavis. by the way, i love vacaville outlets! :D:D

breathtaking sacramento sunset

hung out with brenna van NINJA, my favorite flooormate and ABA-mate and yoga-mate, this past Sunday at VERDEE!! haha we finally went together after saying we would for months.. and then we watched MatchPoint, which is a very interesting movie and rather steamayy~~.

if you’ve seen it, hehe this is my fave line: “i’ll have a baked potato, yumyum!”  ooooh british-accented-folk hehe

yesterday my Danceworx bud jasmine (who lives just down the street from my office) had lunch with me!! thanks for driving, volvo girl.

happy birthday DAD!!! i like his ^___________^ smile and my mom clapping excitedly ahhaa

my beautiful-est photo. my mother has THE most uncool tan i’ve ever seen in my life, glasses tans included.

ahhhh hahhahaahahahah just looking at it makes me laugh hahahaha


YES, i am at work. YES i am on xanga and facebook and gmail haha. but i’m still being productive. i’m an engineering intern @ TZero Technologies (go ahead, google it haha it’s a relatively small startup~ 50 ppl right now?), and i have this remote access thing (VNC) on my PC so that i can still check on the progress of lab tests from my own cubicle, and not have to walk back and forth btwn the lab and the lobby every 5 minutes! woot, only every 15-ish minutes! soo the tests are still running right now, and i am free to do other things til they complete.  it’s weird because i haven’t written an actual lab report since junior year in Bio AP, but now i write lab reports almost daily, for wireless performance tests.  and even though i’m not an engineer, i kind of like learning how to use Linux software and MatLab haha. @_@. i can see it now… i shall return to berkeley a super nerd and attract all the EECS majors….

actually, Milan told me there’s a facebook group for those relationships..eecs boy + business girl =  hahaha how… interesting..

i’m not really enjoying the whole 40 hours a week in a cubicle/office with 30+ year olds, though (although i do have 1 awesome secretary coworker who drinks everyyy night and tells me about her crazy friends and is so funny and is the ONLY other employee here still in college) .  😦  to balance that out, i’m hoping to meet cool interesting people more close to my age when i start part-time at Banana Republic in Valley Fair sometime next week.  part of me is worried that this summer i’m going to a) die of exhaustion, b) have a nervous break down, or c) never be able to see my friends, because of juggling full-time + part-time.. but another part of me just really wants to take advantage of all these great opportunities i’m offered this summer!  i never know when i’ll next get a paid internship, and who knows if i’ll ever get another job offer from a reputable retailer?  and then perhaps after this summer, they will rehire me if i want to work over xmas break or something.  De Anza starts on July 3, but i’m taking just 1 online course so it shouldn’t be difficult to fit into my schedule. and i still have lunches free to “do lunch” with friends! (haha it sounds to professional. let’s “do lunch” and “see if i can pencil you in” wahahhaa)

i better have lots more fun photos to post this summer!! oooh clubbing tomorrow night at SF, and then crashing at Berkeley for the weekend! hurry up and finish all your finals, guys, so you can come home too and chill and do lunches or dinners or kickbox with me at the Y!

i wonder how many people read all of that blob. hahaha i’m gonna bet my readers will be… bored summer people at home, procrastinating people studying for finals at school still, or people with computer access at work like me. haha whatever you are, ya and peeeace out, yo.


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  • 1. TomEboy04  |  June 8, 2006 at 3:55 pm

    you’re gonna be workin’ at Banana!? hook it up! j/k. I hope you have enough time to just chill in the summer. Crazy 1st years!

  • 2. xburberry  |  June 8, 2006 at 4:02 pm

    roflmaooo i read it all ;D omg christine it looks like so much fun 🙂 hopefully you can make time to “pencil me in”, right? ;D

  • 3. whitemyst  |  June 8, 2006 at 5:07 pm

    teeheeeeee.miss busybusy!the party is always where christine is!I LOVE YOUR POST MORE! (i think everyone would agree with me 😀 😀 :D)

  • 4. the1337fleet  |  June 8, 2006 at 5:56 pm

    now go to my field and pick the cotton

  • 5. autumndreams  |  June 8, 2006 at 7:14 pm

    ENVIOUS that your summer has already started. All I’m looking foward to is a dreadful week of finals. my younger brother is freakishly tall too. T.T everyone thinks he’s old. hope you have a wonderful summer planned out!

  • 6. mOnkEesOxX  |  June 8, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    are you stayign the WHOLE weekend? like til sunday? cuz i dont have work on sunday so you can hang out with me! =] except i have an essay due tuesday…

  • 7. Lyte  |  June 8, 2006 at 7:56 pm

    ur bro’s awesome! he plays soccer 😀 world cup starts tomorrow ;pthought u wrote ‘he must not be bloody related’, had to read it twice to see no ‘y’ haha


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