November 1, 2006 at 9:09 pm 5 comments

Sometimes when I’m in Japanese class, I think in Spanish…

For example, this morning I thought, “Senor Smith se lleva calcetines” when we were supposed to say “スミスさんはソックスをはいています。”

dahhh foreign languages. I suppose they’re all nestled together in the same region of my brain, so rather than translate into English and then back into another language, these sentences just mix among themselves.

Today someone said, “OMG you know 4 languages.. you can take over the world!”

Yay! I suppose with Chinese, Japanese, English, and Spanish all kind of stuffed into my brain, most of Asia.. and parts of Europe.. and of course America.. and Australia.. and most of North and South America would understand me to some degree if I were ruler.

quick update on life:
Danceworx is tiring.. lots of choreography yet to learn (but we have a professional choreographer!! Allan Frias from season1 of “So You Think You Can Dance”). mmm but it’s alot of fun and is one of the only physical things I still do to exercise and stay sane.  ahh big big big showcases coming up! stay tuned and GO WATCH.
ABA is winding down to the end of the semester… sad because my committee has been effing AWESOME.. but also frees up a LITTLE bit of time.. but then there’s banquet / end of semester wrap-up stuff. Can’t wait for celebratory banquet :D:D
Circle K International (CKI) is fun! Haven’t had much time to volunteer at many events, but StephChen and I are both going on their annual Fall Training Conference (FTC is super big, I hear) this weekend and the people are soooo fun and cheerful and sweet and funny.  It’s nice to get to know people who aren’t in the exact same major/classes/clubs/everything as you, yaknow?  And everyone is a volunteer! hahaha I hope to get more involved after ABA/DWX simmer down
School is going pretty well.  HAHA of course tomorrow, I get 2 pretty crucial midterms back in discussions… so depending on how well I did, I may be singing a different tune… but yeah really I only have 3 substantial classes to deal with, and they’re all very different from each other.. so it’s all good.  Sometimes extracurriculars get in the way of classes.. and yeah this semester has been alot of trying to balance EVERYTHING I’m responsible for AND other stuff I still want to do on top of that. hahaha why am I so greedy and busy. wah.

next semester:
Phase 1: signed up for Econ100b, BA105, Psych160
Phase 2: AsianAm20a, and Linguistics100  & Jap1b maybe…
I still have 2 pass/nopass to use up so whyyy not!

Going home in 2 weeks … wow.. I seem to update xanga monthly now.. and my cochair is a xanga whore


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crazyy busy. lotsa pix!

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  • 1. yummaychii  |  November 1, 2006 at 8:53 pm

    why are you taking so many classes co-chair -_-

  • 2. f0revershort  |  November 1, 2006 at 10:11 pm

    Craaazy taking 6 classes! Takes up mucho time! Oyyye… O_oExcited for banquet! YAYYY for dressing up! ^_^

  • 3. elliottwrites  |  November 1, 2006 at 11:10 pm

    in japanese class i always say ‘como?’ when i want su sensei to repeat stuff or if i don’t hear him. then i shake my head really fast and blush. freaking japanese pronounciation is too similar to spanish! i’m glad to hear i’m not the only one.there’s a korean-american girl in our class taking both chinese and japanese simultaneously. so she has all of asia set. hahahcircle k! i SO wanted to start a chapter here but it didn’t work out plus i thought i was going abroad this year. remember the key club debacle? uhmmmmm, i don’t know if i ever officially apologized for that mess. i’m sorry about it. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, that would be very awesome. let’s look back, and … laugh? at how ridiculous we were all acting (namely myself and a certain other key club officer). wow high school seemed so important when you were in it, but looking back…’re only in japanese 1 and you’re learning about います form? you’re quick 😦 i think i am going to go to japan this summer. time to start saving up the $$$…

  • 4. mrseggpuff  |  November 2, 2006 at 2:40 pm

    iknow 4 languages TOO.DONT FEEL SO SPECIAL NOW HUH +ANGRY+ hehehehe jk love you.

  • 5. mOnkEesOxX  |  November 3, 2006 at 1:38 am

    whats andrea’s 4th language? english, french, mandarin…canto? Haha maybe I’ll know four soon too! If taiwanese counts…See you tomorrow!!


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