secretly, i’m scared to get a twitter

April 20, 2009 at 4:56 pm 1 comment

… because i will just waste so much MORE time everyday than i already do. and i already waste too much time online >(.

(this confession doubles as a warning to myself, every time i even CONSIDER signing up for one)

in HAPPY SENIORITIS NEWS: I AM NOW OFFICIALLY DONE WITH ALLL MY UNDERGRADUATE MIDTERMS EVER!!!  i now just have 1 final exam (and like, 1 hw problem & 1 fun FIS poster) standing btwn me and graduation.

so.. depressing question of the day (which as been on my mind for a while). SHOULD I STUDY FOR GMATS NOW? or no. is it even POSSIBLE for me to be ready for them in less than 3 weeks? and do WELL studying on my own?… given that I only have to attend PE class 2x a week and essentially no more lectures at all? hrmmmmmmmm

option 1) study now and sign up for GMAT exam around early May/ btwn May 11-14

option 2) study when i get back from Asia (june 22) until work starts (july 27)… but during that time i’ll wanna also be moving into SF/getting ready for work/maybe visit socal

option 3) study now, TAKE exams, go to asia, RESTUDY AND RETAKE before work starts

i’d go with option 3, but the prob is, each exam is $250. so ouch.

so the question really is: how much willpower do i have to force myself to focus?? and how much confidence do i have in my cramming/ test taking abilities?  i now have no excuses “i’ll study after i finish this last midterm!”… but also no motivation…. but i tend to do well on standardized tests, at least the 2nd time around… (SATs, AP) studying on my own. hrmm..  ahh damn senioritis


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  • 1. tuwie  |  April 22, 2009 at 10:39 am

    don’t get twitter! you have facebook. twitter is so narcissistic!
    option 3, you’re already in school mode and have minimal finals anyway. who wants to study after graduation unless you really have to? option of retaking is also a good buffer in case you do need to take it again. and $250 is an ok investment for your future, so don’t feel too guilty about that 🙂
    yeah visit socal 😀


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