is it wrong that i find this cute?


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aww. haha

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LOOVED Confessions of a Shopaholic movie!!

(Though the plot was completely different from the novel…)

quickly: a few things i loved about the movie:

– isla fisher being so naive but LOVABLE and RELATABLE!!!! “why do you shop? because when i shop, the world is better!! and then it isn’t… and then i have to do it again!”

– THE DANCE SCENE. nuff said.

– ok, not enough said. basically, i was  LOL-ing the ENTIREEE time (a solid 2 minutes), and annie was laughing soo hard she was crying next to me. and i swear, even howard cracked a smile (HE SO DID)


Samantha: hahahahaha OMG yes. me and tuwie DIED
(p.s. they saw the movie BECAUSE I RECOMMENDED IT!! p.p.s. he’s just not that into you SUCKED BALLS in comparison. don’t see it)
– i have the same gucci bag as becky bloomwood (well.. same model, different detailing)
her medium boston joy bag

her medium boston joy bag

mine!! which i got prior to seeing the movie trailer HAHA (at 40% off!)

mine!! which i got prior to seeing the movie trailer HAHA (at 40% off!)

– “you know how your heart melts like warm butter on hot toast? well, thats how I feel when i see a STORE!!”
– 2 words. HUGH. DANCY::
super cutie! and kinda reminds me of orlando bloom...

super cutie! and kinda reminds me of orlando bloom... which is probably another reason why i think he is sooo cute

whaaa!! hugh dancy, why are you now engaged?? why!

modeling for burberry with kate moss (a while ago).

modeling for burberry with kate moss (a while ago, and he's not as cute here ;p)

– um.. ok now i’ve lost my train of thought from looking at these pix.

ALSO – gilroy outlets had amazing sales today!

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today at lunch…

me:  arggg, i got a dry cutie. this sucks

howard:  haha-you got an uglie!

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i’m dating a pottymouth

me: im hungry
me: ate at like 5
me: hahaa
h: mmmm
h: hahaha
h: thatsw hy i ate that quesadilla and egg
h: this ho wants it bad
h: oh shit
h: ahhahaha

me: wha
h: wrong box

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possibly finalized schedule…

btw, sign this:

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despite the rain…

i’m looking forward to:

– going home next weekend with howard, and probably taking him to Monterrey Bay Aquarium, and an SF tree-park with fam (my dad loves trees haha)

– SD weekend then Mexico cruise for SPRING BREAK!! (only… 6 more weeeks  )

– ASIA GRAD TRIP (only… uh.. 4 months. or so..)

speaking of rain, i showed howard this:


h: what the hekc
h: one random day of sunshine
h: and then deathly week of rain
h: sadness

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